Dr. Teresa Vestal is certified to administer various nutra-ceutical products using an IV to allow for replenishment and support of your body's needs. Myer's Cocktails, General Immune support, Rehydrating Saline, and much more!
Pricing is as follows:
Myers's Cocktail: $150/IV or $300 for 3. The Myer's cocktail is best for those with migraines, fatigue, asthma, allergies, firbromyalgia, chronic sinusitis, acute muscle spasms and more.
Vitamin C: $130/IV or $320 for 3. The Vitamin C infusion is best for increasing antioxidants, boosting the immune system, collagen formation and allergies.
Recovery: $150/IV or $350 for 3. The Recovery infusion is best for decreasing recovery time when you body or system is stressed and enhances performance when performing strenuous activities.
Energizing: $125/IV or $300 for 3. The Energizing infusion rehydrates and boosts energy.
Customized IV: Starts at $150/IV. The Customized infusion is for those who have consulted with the doctor about what combination of would be best for you based on your history, symptoms, and blood work analysis.

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